Our Studio & Kiln


Our Studio and Kiln

Our studio in Trenton, Maine is the center for creation for our family owned pottery. Laurie Stevens works with her son and daughter in law, Scott and Mo. The building in the woods near Acadia National Park, and is the birth place of our creativity and artwork.  We built a new down draft gas kiln in 2001, named the Pheonix, since it arose from the ashes of many older kilns.  It has been an adventure learning the temperament of this new kiln. Looking at our beautiful glazes, you can see we have figured it out.

In addition to our Evergreen bough on white, we have several glazes, such as Frenchman Bay Crystal Blue, Rainbow Greens of surf, and Twilight  Sky. All our own recipes and all hand mixed in our studio.  The pottery is then loaded and fired in our large gas kiln to 2400 degrees to get just the right color combinations and textures.  During unusual weather conditions, delayed firings have created effects we cannot duplicate.  Those specialty touched pieces are a great source of inspiration and awe of forces unforeseen.

 We make cups, mugs, vases, bowls, lamps and the treasure boxes are our top seller. We also create custom-made products, e.g. a Baptismal Font and an incense burner for the local church and other special glazed pots, winged jars, canisters that are finished in the very fluid glazes Laurie developed.




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