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Our Potters:

The Stevens Family

Laurie, Scott and Mo make each piece by hand. It is thrown on a wheel, or hand built, which makes each piece a unique one of a kind work of art.

Laurie Stevens Laurie Stevens was the originator of Evergreen Pottery, established in 1983. Evergreen means ever green, ever changing, ever new. She was a graduate of Mount Holyoke College, majoring in art history. She taught at Holyoke Community College. She and her husband move to Sedgwick, Maine. In 1997 she opened a shop in Bar Harbor, Maine with her Son Scott and his wife, Mo. In 2001 they moved there studio to Trenton to be closer to Bar Harbor.  Laurie passed away January 3, 2010 after battling cancer for 22 years. She loved creating new pieces of pottery and meeting the many customers in her shop. Her memory will live for many years through her works of art.

Laurie Stevens

Scott Stevens

Scott Stevens, Laurie's son, graduated from the University of Maine, Farmington in 1993. He then worked for a potter in central Maine for a few  years before getting into the family business in 1996. He has been throwing specialty pieces such as Goblets and French Butter Keepers. His favorite things to throw are doumbec drums. What better use for a potter's hands, if not to create pottery, then to play music with them.

Scott Stevens throwing

Mo Stevens

Scott and Mo were married July 1997, our first year with the store in Bar Harbor. Mo does the hand building, making the treasure boxes and hand sculpted tiles. Scott and Mo often work on pieces together, with Scott throwing the piece and Mo carving and decorating them. Besides pottery, Mo also has her own line of jewelry, featuring semi-precious stones and glass bead work.

Keaton Steven:

Keaton is now 8 years old and still enjoys playing at the studio (Usually on his grandfathers tractor) He has been making small bowls and coasters which we sell in our shop.(All proceeds go to the Keaton College Fund)

Keaton and baby Brooke
Oh how we have grown